Greetings, and welcome to my website. I’m Abigail Marshall Katung, and here you’ll discover insights into my endeavours aimed at addressing injustice, inequalities, and fostering a more equitable and prosperous society.

It is with profound gratitude and humility that I accept the honour of serving as the upcoming Lord Mayor of Leeds for the 2024/25 term. Leeds, a city renowned for its compassion, resilience, and unity, embodies values close to my heart. My family and I eagerly anticipate the privilege of serving as its First Citizens.

Aligned with the values of the Labour & Co-operative party, I firmly believe in its capacity to drive positive change within our communities and nation. With over a decade of dedicated advocacy as an enthusiastic Labour & Co-operative campaigner, I am steadfast in my commitment to championing equality, equity, fairness, and social justice.

Although born abroad, Leeds has been my home for the majority of my adult life. My journey began at Leeds University, where I pursued studies in Politics & International Studies. Choosing to raise my twin sons in Leeds, who are now 20 and pursuing university education, underscores my dedication to nurturing opportunities for our youth.


My various roles, including serving as the Council’s Scrutiny Chair for Infrastructure, Investment & Inclusive Growth, former Scrutiny Chair for Adults Health & Active Lifestyle, Lead Member for Faith & Religion, Chair of the Hate Crime Strategic Board, and Food Champion, have endowed me with invaluable experience and insights into the needs and aspirations of the people of Leeds. I am fully equipped to represent the core values of Leeds City Council.

As a proud member of two trade unions, I stand in solidarity with our labour force, advocating for the protection of workers’ rights and terms of service.

Thank you for visiting my website, and I look forward to our journey together towards a brighter, more inclusive future for Leeds and beyond.

My Pledges

Let’s get Britain’s future back

My Work

It’s been a privilege and honour to serve as an Elected Member for Leeds City Council representing Little London, Woodhouse and the City Centre. I am proud to chair the Scrutiny Board for Infrastructure, Investment & Inclusive Growth.
I was also privileged to have chaired the Scrutiny Board for Adults, Health & Inclusive Growth as well as chaired the West Yorkshire Joint Health Overview Scrutiny Committee.
My role involves bringing partners together to examine issues that directly impact upon the lives of people living in Leeds. Scrutiny has the potential to influence policy when boards examine emerging evidence, trends, and proposals ahead of decision making most effectively.
. The process of testing policy proposals in the earliest stages of their development strengthens the final decision-making process and therefore improves outcomes.
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